Funerary Art


Just as customizable as a headstone, these can be displayed anywhere or buried with the dead. Burial stones are a wonderful alternative because of their limitless possibilities and economic benefits. They are also very affordable to ship anywhere in the world! Whether your loved one has been buried or cremated, they will retain a timeless and meaningful quality in the privacy of a home, by the graveside, or during a funeral ceremony.


If your loved one has been cremated and you still want a memorial that will represent their significance, consider having a plaque made to accompany your urn. Beautiful lettering and symbolism can be incorporated to make it one of a kind and special.


REMEMBER YOUR DEATH. These are designed based off of medieval imagery inspired by the Black Death. It may seem morbid to some, but even in the modern age, death is ever present and constant. Memento mori art can be displayed as the center focus for meditative and spiritual practices, or even as a memorial itself.


Honoring the dead can be a crucial to religious and spiritual practices. Custom works of stone will sit beautifully at the center of any altar, and can be imbued with specific symbolism and imagery.