A memorial should be so much more than a mass produced slab of stone, as it is often the most important material link between us and our dearly departed. Charnel Nectar will respectfully give any gravestone the spiritual resonance that is necessary through the ritual crafting of every memorial. Every letter, symbol, and image will reflect what truly mattered to the person, not whatever generic motif and epitaph was most affordable. The creation of a gravestone is the most honorable of tasks for any stone carver and will therefore be treated as such.

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The English word "cenotaph" derives from the Greek: κενοτάφιον kenotaphion (κενός kenos, meaning "empty", and τάφος taphos, "tomb"). A cenotaph is essentially a memorial without a body beneath it. This is a fantastic option for anyone looking to memorialize a loved one outside of a cemetery or in the privacy of their own backyard. Whether you are not wanting to restrict yourself to the regulations of a cemetery or your loved one has had a burial alternative, consider preserving their memories with a cenotaph.


It is incredible what can be brought to life with even the smallest piece of stone. If you are looking for an economical option that will stand out boldly, consider a formal marker at the gravesite. 


Plaques and funerary art, grave markers and headstones—if it can be made for a human, it can definitely be made for your beloved pet as well! No creature is too small to honor the life and memories of.