Established in 2016 by H.K. Lovejoy, Charnel Nectar was originally intended to be an artistic exploration of death, alchemy, and mysticism. While the overall vision is still supported and inspired by the philosophical power of these subjects, the path itself took an unexpected turn toward the necropolis after Lovejoy carved a headstone at the Marble/Marble Symposium of 2019. She has since devoted everyday to the study of traditional headstone carving, with a particular interest in alchemical and folk symbolism.

This remains the motto of Charnel Nectar: All things fade into mystery.


Every stone holds a mystery, a secret language waiting to be deciphered but never entirely demystified of its ancient power. Burial stones belong to the Other. For many millennia, humanity has honored their dead with stone markers, for they are a marvel of the natural world as much as they retain the liminality of the geological span; the ability to be present throughout many generations, many ages, with a name and epitaph and story engraved upon its surface.

Let the mysteries remain as such...

A thing of beauty and contemplation

For all who choose to behold.

Omnia exeunt in mysterium